The birth of Pence

Pence was founded in 1979, presenting itself as an innovator brand in dyed fabrics industry, a trend that marked the fashion system between the Eighties.

A play on words and pure chance gave rise to the name Pence, which refers to the Italian for the small dart with inner stitching that shapes trousers (which has always been a manufacturing focus of the company) and also to pence as the plural of penny in British currency. The story began with a trip by Otello Zecchin, who, on his return from London, together with his partner, decided that he wanted to embark on a personal project.

Having returned to Italy with just a few pence in his pocket, he decided to register the brand name (it was 1979), which subsequently became Pence Jeans, because it was mainly linked to denim and the northern European markets. Dyed cottons and denim became must have pieces in the wardrobe of those who choose a causal chic style