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Women's Boyfriend: the casual-chic garment to wear on any occasion

Among the various basic pieces that we cannot do without, there are certainly jeans.

Thanks to their versatility, in fact, they have now become a timeless garment that you can hardly do without. Discover the online collection and choose the boyfriend, an oversized model which in recent years has become a cult item in the women's wardrobe.

How to combine women's boyfriends?

The boyfriend jeans, as the name suggests, is an item of clothing "borrowed" from the male wardrobe. Unlike the more classic skinny jeans, the boyfriend is a high-waisted model which, imitating the structure of more typically masculine jeans, remains slightly wide along the entire length . Ideal when worn with a white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers but at the same time absolutely suitable to be worn with a high-heeled shoe.