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Women's Boyfriend: the casual-chic garment to wear on any occasion

Among the various basic pieces that we can never do without, at any time of the year, there are certainly the < /span>jeans. Jeans are in fact the garment that, thanks to their versatility, we make the most of by combining them with different types of outfits.

The has become a cult in recent years boyfriend model now the must have of the female wardrobe. Discover the collection and don't miss the boyfriend jeans for women that suits you.

Women's boyfriend jeans: why choose them

I boyfriend jeans, as the name suggests, is an item of clothing that women have borrowed from men and which over time has become an essential piece of the female wardrobe.

The cut is therefore designed for a physique with narrow hips and straight, wide legs. The effect they have on a female physique is oversized which tends to hide the shapes a bit. Pence 1979, for this new collection, has thought of high-waisted boyfriend jeans in high quality cotton with a sophisticated design and cut that makes each model unique. Slightly oversized, comfortable and trendy boyfriend jeans< /b> are synonymous with a casual look that never goes out of style.

How to match boyfriend jeans

Jeans, in all its forms, has become a timeless garment which you can hardly do without. The boyfriend jeans is certainly not an exception: it is a model that has come back into fashion in recent years thanks to its comfort and versatility.

Unlike the more classic skinnies, it is a model with a high waist that, imitating the structure of more typically masculine jeans, remains slightly oversized along the entire length. This model can be worn with ankle boots, medium heels but also high heels, all without creating an overly elegant look.

For an office look, you can accompany them with sweaters in pastel or bright shades. For one of the most classic and popular styles, just combine boyfriend jeans with white, whether it's a t-shirt, a sweater or a shirt, it doesn't matter.