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Why buy slim fit jeans?

There is probably no garment more loved and more worn than the iconic women's slim fit denim. Born for a completely different purpose, over time they have conquered every woman's wardrobe becoming the garment par excellence that you cannot do without. Ideal for those who want to sculpt their curves, the slim model is able to guarantee a casual style without giving up their femininity.

Adherent but not too tight on the leg, the slim jeans has a tapered line so as to ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Chic and at the same time comfortable to wear, they lend themselves to various situations and contexts. Although they are often associated with a more casual style, the latest trends have seen it establish itself in the most classic office looks and in the most elegant aperitif looks, rigorously accompanied in this case by high heels to highlight the entire figure.

Slim fit trousers: how to match them?

A single garment can become the protagonist of many different looks and this is precisely the case with slim fit jeans for women. An oversized white shirt with a slightly masculine line goes perfectly with tight jeans. For a more comfy look, it can be worn with a colored maxi cardigan, again with a slightly loose fit.

To make the look casual and effective, some decide to wear it with another denim item, such as a jacket or a shirt. The slim fit trousers, especially during the season colder, they also go well with a blazer, whether it's an oversized, classic or tailored model. Basic or ribbed tank tops for the summer and oversized sweaters, blouses, flowing blouses or turtlenecks for the winter.

As for shoes, instead opt for sneakers (perhaps white) or a pair of leather ankle boots.